Former Naval Reserve Site (13th and Chambers)

More Multi-family Homes: FORMER NAVAL RESERVE SITE


There is one site under consideration for re-designation to a multi-family land use designation. The city of Eugene owns the former Naval Reserve site on 13th Avenue, east of Chambers Street. The site is vacant and is currently designated Government and Education.
  • Future development on the site is anticipated to be affordable housing through the city’s land bank program.
  • Re-designation to a multi-family housing designation, such as Medium Density Residential, would ready the site for an affordable housing development as well as increase the number of multi-family homes accommodated inside the UGB that are close to services and transit.
At their May 28, 2014 work session the City Council acted to hold a work session on re-designation/rezone of the 13th/Naval Reserve site at a later date. The changes originally proposed are here.

More Information
For the most recent information, see the Residential Re-designations webpage
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