Crow Road Area

More Single-family Homes: Crow Road Study Area

Action and Next Steps

  • The Crow Road plan designation and zone map and other corresponding changes were adopted.
  • Future work includes exploring with the Crow Road area residents whether additional development standards are necessary for the area. 
  • For the most recent project information, see the Residential Re-designation page.


Crow_Road_Re_Designation_Base_Map_reduced.jpgThe Crow Road study area provides a unique opportunity to develop a high-level master plan, or land use concept, because it is a large, mostly undeveloped area that is within the UGB and can provide more housing to meet some of our 20-year needs. The current plan designation (or long range plan) for the entire area is Medium Density Residential, which reflects the early 1980s vision for dense housing to support a potentially large employment area north of West 11th Avenue. 

Since then, conditions have changed, with much of the employment area now recognized as high value wetlands for protection or restoration through the West Eugene Wetlands Plan. Consequently, the amount of dense housing needed in this area is less than previously thought.

The planned land uses in the Crow Road study area will be studied by working with the property owners and service providers to determine appropriate locations for housing, parks, utilities and streets. There are several factors to be considered for developing a land use concept for this area which include but are not limited to:

  • Property owner feedback 
  • Compatible land use patterns 
  • Transportation (streets, bus service, bike paths, and sidewalks) 
  • “20-minute” neighborhood goals 
  • Adopted or acknowledged plans such as: 
    • Utility Plans 
    • Land Use Plans (Metro Plan, Willow Creek Special Area Study) 
    • Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan 
    • West Eugene Wetlands Plan 
    • South Ridgeline Habitat Study 
    • Rivers to Ridges Parks and Open Space Vision 
    • Ridgeline Area Open Space Vision and Action Plan

For More Information

For background on the draft concept plan and implementation concepts see the following:

For general information about re-designation, see the Residential Re-Designation Preliminary Documents folder information.