More Multi-family Housing

More Multi-family Homes


Some areas that are currently planned for other uses, such as lower density housing or government and education, may be better suited for multi-family housing. These areas would help accommodate our multi-family housing needs inside the current UGB if they are-designated to Medium or High Density Residential or Commercial.

The March 2012 Envision Eugene Recommendation identified one site for re-designation to a multi-family land use designation: the city-owned former Naval Reserve site on 13th Avenue, east of Chambers Street.

Action At their May 28, 2014 work session, the City Council acted to hold a work session on re-designation/rezone of the 13th/Naval Reserve site at a later date.

Additional opportunities to change land use designations to accommodate more multi-family housing may be identified through the Opportunity Siting program, through studying industrial areas like West 11th Avenue for additional land use flexibility, or through future Area Planning efforts.

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For the most recent project information, see the Residential Re-designations webpage
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