2011 Neighborhood Analysis

Welcome to the City of Eugene’s 2011 Neighborhood Analysis!

The City of Eugene’s 2011 Neighborhood Analysis uses data to tell the story of our community. While the story told is a partial one, with a focus on quantitative information, it offers a valuable window into the current state and character of the city and Eugene neighborhoods. The City of Eugene recognizes that effective community work comes from a good understanding of the people and places being served. The 2011 Neighborhood Analysis provides City staff, neighborhood and community organizations a resource with neighborhood level data that can help inform their work. The themes and data presented in the Neighborhood Analysis have been selected with this in mind and reflect the best existing data available to the City.

The information in the Neighborhood Analysis can be used as a tool to help support our work in the community and neighborhoods in many ways. For example, it can be used to: identify needs and priorities for planning and future action; inform outreach efforts to broaden neighborhood involvement; help identify underserved populations; compare a neighborhood with other neighborhoods or the city as a whole; clarify neighborhood issues or gather support for a particular issue; gather data for grants or other applications; and generate important questions or considerations that might lay the foundation for surveys or further data analysis.

For more information, contact Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement staff Lorna Flormoe via email or call 541-682-5670.