The EUG Parade

A EUG Parade entry included a group of women on roller skates with bouquets of colorful balloons

Eugene’s Animal-Friendly, Human-Powered Parade and Pet Promenade

  • Date: Sunday September 22, 2019
  • Time: 11 a.m.
  • Parade Start & End: Park Blocks (8th & Oak)
  • Pet Promenade End: Monroe Park

EUG Parade logo

Eugene Has a Parade, and It’s EUG!

The EUG Parade is coordinated by a community committee, and the City of Eugene and Eugene Sunday Streets in partnership with ePark Eugene. The parade precedes Eugene Sunday Streets Downtown where participants can walk, bike and roll to discover active transportation in a safe, car-free environment. 


  • 2019 Online Parade Application (Posting mid-April)
  • 2019 Mail-in Application (Posting mid-April)
  • Early bird deadline: Submit your application by August 16 to take advantage of early bird fees
  • Final application deadline: September 13 complete with payment

EUG Parade 2018 Spinnin Our Wheels Logo

This Year's Theme

We are currently reviewing ideas for the 2019 theme and will announce the theme by April 1, 2019. No joke. 

Pet Promenade

Pets of all sizes and their humans can strut their stuff in the Pet Promenade at the beginning of the The EUG Parade, dispersing at Monroe Park.

NOTE: All animals must be on leashes or other method of containment for the safety of pets, participants and audience members.

  1. Parade Categories
  2. Application & Judging Criteria
  3. Entry Fees
  4. Awards & Prizes
  5. 2018 Winners
  6. Policies

NOTE: All entries must be non-motorized and human powered.* No automobiles, trucks or other such non-human powered vehicles are allowed due to the scale/footprint of The EUG Parade.Questions? Email us.

Marching Units

Choreographed and costumed participants performing (marching, dancing, roller skating, etc.) consistently throughout the parade. Sound may be incorporated and props carried.

Special Features

One or more focal points surrounded by smaller units. The central unit can be human-powered accompanied by marchers. Creative costuming and decorations win the day!

Unique Non-Motorized Vehicles

Human propelled vehicles (see note above). Decorate and coordinate your bicycles, scooters, strollers, skateboards, pedicabs, kinetic sculptures, wagons and wheelbarrows.

Animal Units

Individuals may participate in the Pet Promenade, however, for larger animals or groups/clubs with horses, camels, llamas, etc., participants must be in costume and provide their own Pooper Scoopers, removing all animal waste in the staging area and along the parade route; no exceptions. All animals must be on leashes or contained for their safety, and the safety of participants and audience members.

Musical Bands

Musical bands include school marching bands (and any accompanying drill teams or dance teams), community musical organizations, and other types of entrants using music as their primary focus (jazz bands, rock bands, a capella groups, classical groups, etc.).

*Electric assist bicycles and mobility devices are acceptable. Email us with questions

Contact Us

  1. Shane MacRhodes

    Transportation Options Coordinator
    Ph: 541-682-5094

    Lee Shoemaker

    Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator
    Ph: 541-682-5471

    Reed Dunbar

    Bicycle & Pedestrian Planner
    Ph: 541-682-5727

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