Land Use Fees and Forms

Land Use Application Fees

Property within the City limits

Property outside of the City limits, but within the Urban Growth Boundary

Land Use Application Submission

The Planning Division accepts electronic submission of plans and other application materials. Three paper sets of plans and application materials, plus one full electronic (pdf) set of plans and application materials on disc, are required for land use application submittals. On the disc, please include a separate pdf file for each document and make sure that the date of submission is included as part of the document’s name. The disc should be labeled with the applicant’s name and date of submittal.

Appeal Submittal Instructions - Including Before/After Atrium Building Hours 

(8:00am – 12:00pm & 4:00pm – 5:00pm)

For updates and hours of in-person services at our Permit and Information Center, please click HERE. During this period of time, the following options are also available for submitting timely appeals:

  • Appeal materials may be submitted via email. Include a phone number so staff can contact you to arrange payment. Email both the assigned planner and planning@eugene‐
  • Call the assigned Planner or (541) 682-8336 to schedule a drop off at the Atrium with an available staff person. If you are paying by check and/or prefer to submit the typical hard copy materials, this is the recommended approach.
  •  Submit appeals by mail with a check or include a note that you would like to pay by credit card along with a phone number where staff can reach you. *Please note delays can occur in postage delivery, and for this reason, staff recommends you consider options 1 or 2 first to ensure required deadlines are met

*  * * All appeal submittal requirements and deadlines still apply. * * *


The Neighborhood/Applicant meetings may be conducted in‐person or virtually using a web-based remote meeting or phone conference service. The virtual web-based remote meeting or phone conference service must be free for anyone choosing to participate, and there must be an opportunity provided for participants to submit questions or comments (orally and/or in writing) during the meeting.

 Notices for virtual meetings shall include a link for internet access, telephone number for those without internet access and contact information for the applicant or applicant’s agent for participants who are unable to access the meeting. All other requirements for Neighborhood/Applicant meetings shall apply. 

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