Where can I build on my property?FAQ

Where can I build on my property?

Some helpful information:

  • There are minimum required setbacks for structures, which vary depending on the zone the property is located in. If the property is located in an overlay zone, there may be additional setback requirements. Once you’ve determined the zoning of the property you can look up the corresponding standards in Chapter 9 of the Eugene Code.
  • Some subdivisions and planned unit developments (PUDs) have additional setbacks for tree preservation and conservation areas. If you are unsure if your property is subject to these additional standards please contact Land Use.
  • Structures are not allowed to be built in or to overhang public utility easements (PUE’s) or public way easements (such as pedestrian paths). For help in determining the location of any public easements on your site, please contact Public Works Engineering.
  • You will need to determine whether or not your site is located within a special flood hazard area. Additional location and design requirements may apply to both new structures and additions to existing structures within flood zones. Contact Public Works staff for more information.
  • Other design considerations for siting an addition or new structure include:
    • Applicable Convenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) regulated by private entities such as a homeowners association.
    • Private easements on the property.
    • The location and pipe type of private sanitary sewer system on the site.
    • The location of an existing or abandoned septic system.
    • The location of an existing stormwater treatment system on the site.