Call Right Away

call right away

All Eugene & Springfield Fire Crews have received training in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and will respond with at least one Paramedic to evaluate your signs & symptoms.  Every apparatus carries: advanced life support drugs, cardiac monitors with 12-lead EKG capability, and advanced airway ventilation equipment.

There is no cost for us to evaluate you.  However, there are fees for transport and certain treatments onscene.  You can have the reassurance of a specially trained crew making the determination of whether your signs & symptoms are an actual emergency.

Special drugs and treatments will be administered by Paramedics to you rapidly if your condition warrants.  This early treatment can prevent or limit the damage to your heart muscle.

Driving yourself to the hospital or calling your doctor does not save time; and it may cost you valuable heart muscle.  The treatments given by Paramedics onscene and in the ambulance are the same treatments you would receive in the Emergency Room. 

Our Paramedics can also gather valuable information about your event and if you are transported they can relay this vital data to the hospital enabling you to be transported directly to the Cardiology Center’s Cath Lab.