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  1. Wed, Apr 25

    Application Review Subcommittee: Civilian Review Board Agenda: 1. Review of Applications Received for Open Civilian Review Board Seats
  2. Wed, Apr 25

    City Council Work Session Agenda: 1. Work Session: Climate Recovery Ordinance Update and Sustainability Commission Proposal - Electric Vehicle Ready Homes 2. Work Session: Wildlife Feeding
  3. Wed, Apr 25

    Hearings Official Public Hearing Agenda: 1. Bailey Hill Zone Change (Z 18-1) 2. Furtick PUD (PDT 17-4/ ARA 17-15)
  4. Wed, Apr 25

  5. Thu, Apr 26

    Annual Expenditure Review Panel Meeting Agenda: 1. Re-introductions and Welcome New Member 2. Downtown Public Safety Initiatives 3. FY17 Report to the ERP from Staff 4. Discussion of ERP Report 5. Cover Memo and Next Steps
  6. Thu, Apr 26

    Public Art Committee Meeting Agenda: 1. Visual Arts Festival 2. 20x21 Mural Project Update 3. Urban Canvas Project Update 4. Riverfront Park Redevelopment and the Creative Industries
  7. Fri, Apr 27

    Sustainability Commission Waste Reduction Committee Meeting Agenda: 1. Discuss Progress on Research Topics
  8. Sat, Apr 28

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