Public Meetings Calendar

  1. Tue, Feb 20

    Human Rights Commission Meeting Agenda: 1. Community Concerns 2. Work Plan Items
  2. Tue, Feb 20

    Jefferson Westside Neighbors Board Meeting Agenda: 1. Neighborhood Issues
  3. Tue, Feb 20

    City Council Public Hearing and Work Session Agenda: 1. Public Hearing and Possible Action: An Ordinance Adopting Hazardous Substance User Fees for the Fiscal Year Commencing July 1, 2018 2. Public Hearing and Possible Action: An Ordinance Providing for Withdrawal of Annexed Properties from the Following Special Districts: the Santa Clara Fire District; Santa Clara Water District, Willakenzie Rural Fire Protection District; River Road Parks and Recreation District; River Road Water Distrcit; and Zumwalt Rural Fire Protection District...
  4. Wed, Feb 21

    City Council Work Session Agenda: 1. Work Session: Divestment 2. Work Session: Ambulance System Update
  5. Wed, Feb 21

    Eugene Airport Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda: 1. Airport Director Report 2. Airport Services Report 3. Airport Environmental Report
  6. Wed, Feb 21

    Street Repair Review Panel Meeting Agenda: 1. Introductions and Agenda Review 2. Review of External Auditor’s Report 3. Discussion of the SRRP Report to the City Manager 4. Update on Meetings for Future Bond 5. Closing Remarks
  7. Wed, Feb 21

    Whiteaker Community Council Board Meeting Agenda: 1. Neighborhood Issues
  8. Thu, Feb 22

    HOME Consortium Governing Board Agenda: 1. Introductions/Public Comment 2. HOME Projects Update 3. Sale of Woodleaf Village 4. Funding Awards for 2017 HOME RFP 5. Flexibility in distribution of HOME funds 6. FY 2019 HOME Allocation process 7. Next Steps
  9. Thu, Feb 22

    Hearings Official Public Hearing Agenda: 1. Public Hearing: U of O Bookstore (Z 17-9) 2. Public Hearing: Alexander Loop Remand (TIA 16-8)
  10. Sat, Feb 24

    City Council Retreat Agenda: 1. Discussion
  11. Sat, Feb 24

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