Homelessness Task Force

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Opportunity Eugene – A Community Task Force on Homelessness 

Photo of Task Force MeetingOn December 14, 2011 the Eugene City Council adopted a motion asking Mayor Kitty Piercy to form a task force that would develop recommendations to address the needs and impacts of unhoused community members.
Appointed by the Mayor, the 58-member Opportunity Eugene Community Task Force on Homeless Solutions included City Councilors, community members, representatives from Occupy Eugene, non-profit human services agencies, neighborhood associations, business, the health care community, local school districts, the religious community, the Eugene Police Department and the Human Rights Commission.

The full Task force met six times between January 4th, 2012 and March 30th, 2012. The Task Force also formed a planning committee to develop agendas and support the Task Force’s work and formed several subcommittees to explore priority needs.  All Task Force and committee meetings were open to the public and facilitated by Oregon Consensus of Portland State University with process support from Eugene’s Community Mediation Services.

The Opportunity Eugene Task Force presented the Eugene City Council with six recommendations for action.
  1. Identify & Establish Potential Sites
  2. Create and Support Day Use Community Centers
  3. Improve Traditional and Non-Traditional Health Care Access
  4. Continue and Expand Existing Services to the Homeless
  5. Improve Laws and Ordinances that Criminalize and Block Homeless Individuals
  6. Create a Commission to Continue to Explore Homelessness Solutions

More information regarding the Task Force’s recommendation are available in the final report here  Opportunity Eugene: A Community Task Force on Homelessness Final Report and Recommendations
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