Development Standards - Report Requirements

Checklist of Calculations to be Included with Presumptive Design Reports
Exhibit 2-2
Stormwater Facility Type
A = Swale Facilities
B = Infiltration Treatment Facilities (pervious pavements, planters, basins, sand filters, soakage trenches)
C = Filtration Treatment Facilities (pervious pavements, planters, basins, sand filters)
D = Constructed Treatment Ponds & Wetlands
E = Structural Treatment Facilities

Parameter or Calculated to be Included in the Stormwater Report A BC D E
Site Variables:
Site Soil type (A, B, C, or D)xx
Contributing area (acres impervious/pervious)xxxxx
Pre-developed curve number CNxxxx
Pre-developed time of concentration T of C (minutes)xxxx
Post-developed curve number CNxxxx
Post-developed time of concentration T of C (minutes)xxxx
Distance from ground surface to max. height of seasonal groundwater (feet)xx
 Facility Geometry:
Side slopes (h:v or %)xxxx
Longitudinal slope (h:v or %)xxxx
Bottom width and length (feet)xxxx
Overall width and length (feet)xxxx
Hydraulic Controls:
Orifice or weir descriptions, sizes, and elevations, including by-pass facilities

Elevation, size, and type of overflow spillway or pipe

Calculated Values:
Pollution reduction flow ratex

Pollution reduction permanent pool volume and elevation
Forebay volume and elevation

Hydraulic residence time for the water quality stormx

Detailed storm routing data (i.e. SBUH) for the water quality and flood control storm events, showing inflow rate, outflow rate, and water surface elevation in the facility every 10 minutes throughout the storm.