Commuter Parking Rates

Parking Structures

Lot Number LocationMonthly Rideshare
52u**Muni Court, 1102 Lincoln Street (staff only)$54.00*
55Broadway South, Broadway & Charnelton Street$60.00*
56Overpark, 10th & Oak$70.00*
57Broadway North, Broadway & Charnelton$60.00*
58Pearl Street, 10th & Pearl$68.00*
59Parcade, 8th & Willamette$60.00*
60Hult Center, 7th & Olive$54.00*
54Library Garage$50.00N/A
1313th & Olive Garage$39.00N/A

*Rideshare is 50% of monthly rate

**City of Eugene employees only

Surface Lots

Lot NumberLocation MonthlyRideshare
511060 Olive$100.00N/A
52Municipal Court, 1102 Lincoln Street
53829 Pearl
61Train Depot$100.00N/A
Ferry Street Bridge
77Riverfront 4th & Mill$30.00N/A

*Rideshare is 50% of monthly rate

Other Permits

Zone C - Commuter$55.00/month
Zone D - Commuter$75.00/month
Zone 40 - Commuter$55.00/month
Shared Car Permit$40/year
Delivery Permit$240/year