Eugene Toxics Right-to-Know Program Overview

Program Purpose
The purpose of the Eugene Toxics Right-to-Know Program is to provide the public, industry and the Toxics Board with accurate, complete and timely information about hazardous materials used by manufacturers in Eugene.

Affected Businesses
To be required to report and pay a fee under the program, a business must:
  1. Operate a stationary facility located within Eugene city limits;
  2. Employ the equivalent of ten or more full-time employees;
  3. Be engaged in manufacturing; and
  4. Have inputs totaling 2,640 pounds or more of hazardous substances in a calendar year.
To be required to pay a fee, a business must meet criteria 1 through 3 above.

State and federal facilities and public educational institutions are exempted.

As of December 31, 2015, 33 facilities are reporting and paying fees. Another 51 facilities are required to pay fees, but are not required to report.

Calendar year 1998 was the first reporting year under the program. Reports are due on April 1 each year, and fees are due on May 1.

Program Costs
The Toxics Program operates with only one paid staff position. Program costs run approximately $120,000 per year. For 2016, City Council approved a fee of $48.29 per FTE, up to $2,000 per entity. Among fee-paying companies, employment ranged from 11 FTE to 309 FTE.