Reptiles, Amphibians, and Mammals

Reptiles, Amphibians, and Mammals in West Eugene

These species have all been recorded within Eugene’s wetlands including the wooded hillsides in the upper Willow Creek drainage basin. The reptiles and amphibians were surveyed in 1991. The mammal list is the result of preliminary observations. Many other species may be present, but have not yet been verified.


Common NameScientific Name
Western pond turtleClemmys marmorata marmorata
Southern alligator lizardGerrhonotus multicarinatus
Northwestern garter snakeThamnophis ordinoides
Common garter snakeThamnophis sirtalis
Western terrestrial garter snakeThamnophis elegans
Ringneck snakeDiadophis punctatus
Racer (snake)Coluber constrictor
Gopher snakePituophis melanoleucus


Common NameScientific Name
Long-toed salamanderAmbystoma macrodactylum
Rough-skinned newtTaricha granulosa
Pacific tree frogHyla regilla
BullfrogRana catesbeiana


Common Name
Scientific Name
Common opossumDidelphis marsupialis
Vagrant shrewSorex vagrans
Black bearUrsus americanus
RaccoonProcyon lotor
Striped skunkMephitis mephitis
Red foxVulpes fulva
California ground squirrelSpermophilus beechei
Townsend’s chipmunkEntamias townsendi
Western gray squirrelSciurus griseus
Douglas squirrel (chickaree)Tamiasciurus douglasii
Giant pocket gopherThomomys bulbivorous
BeaverCastor canadenis
Deer mousePeromyscus maniculatus
Townsend voleMicrotus townsendi
NutriaMyocastor coypus
River otterLutra canadensis
Black-tail deerOdocoileus hemionus columbianus
Roosevelt elkCervus elaphus roosevelti
CoyoteCanis latrans