Request Street Lighting

Street light The installation of new lights is initiated by individual citizen requests, by neighborhood petition or at the request of a public agency such as the police department.

When we receive a request for new street lighting, the area is studied to determine the need for street lights.

 The study identifies: 

  • Properties affected by the proposed lighting
  • Existing lighting in the area
  • The availability of power sources and poles to support the lights
  • Evaluates relative priority of each site

Requests are kept on file and the information is used to develop future street lighting projects. When funding for the projects becomes available, the allocation of funds is based on the priority established by the lighting studies.

Giving Neighbors Notice Before Installation

Before new lights are installed, the city hangs a notice on the door of the adjacent properties affected by the proposed installation, outlining the location of the street light and its design. A phone number is included with the letter to give property owners an opportunity to tell us whether or not they favor the installation.

Lighting Priorities

Lighting priorities are determined primarily by traffic safety issues.  Areas with a high potential for traffic conflicts, streets with heavy traffic loads, and those with frequent pedestrian use at night are given first priority.  Mid-block locations on residential streets are generally given a lower priority rating.  Lighting for new subdivisions is currently installed as part of the new development.

How to Provide Feedback

If property owners object to the light, Public Works staff will discuss alternatives with them and describe possible alterations, such as shielding around the lights. If opposition continues and no serious safety issues are involved, the City may not install the street light. However, property owners usually recognize the added security benefits and support the street lights when requested changes are made.

Petitions signed by a majority of property owners indicate greater area support. If you choose to circulate a petition in your neighborhood, we encourage you to refer other property owners to this web page or obtain copies of our Street Lights brochure so the other owners get full information about Eugene’s street lighting program.

How to Request a Street Light

If you feel your neighborhood needs a street light, you may request one by calling 541-682-4800 or by writing to: 

Street Light Globe

Public Works Department 

Maintenance Division

1820 Roosevelt Boulevard

Eugene, OR 97402

If you choose to write to us, please include the date, your name, address, and phone number so we can respond to your request.

Photos by Vern Rogers