Tree Removal

Yard treeRegulations
Street trees are removed either by the City or with authorization by the City. Tree removal can be allowed by a Street Tree Removal Permit or through a construction permit, such as a Privately Engineered Public Improvement Permit (PEPI).

Trees on private property are also regulated by the City. The Building and Permit Services Division of Planning and Development administers rules for private trees. Call the Permit Information Center at 541-682-8336 to leave a message with any questions.
Large Tree Circumference
Reasons for tree removal include the necessity to remove the tree to build allowable improvements, the condition of the tree (diseased, hazardous), or the impact the tree may be having on the surrounding environment (roots blocking sewage or lifting curbs to impede storm water drainage). The City removes public trees for habitat or ecosystem restoration, or for other reasons, such as maintenance of a view shed mandated by a park master plan.

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