Airport Services


Services and amenities offered at the Eugene Airport:

  • ATM - Located across from rental cars in the main lobby and upstairs near Coast to Cascades Cafe. Universal Money Centers Customer Service Number: 800-234-6860
  • Baggage Claim
  • Eateries
  • Eugene Airport Navigators – Volunteers who staff the information booth answer questions and give driving directions, etc.
  • FedEx drop box and U.S. Postal drop box - Located outside front terminal entrance.
  • Heart defibrillators – Located in the terminal lobby next to the information booth, in the A-Gate area across from the gift shop, and in the B-Gate area adjacent to the security check-point.
  • Maps and directions – Visitor guides, restaurant guides and maps are available at the Information booth.
  • News & Gifts
  • Restrooms – Located in the terminal lobby across from the car rental counters, in the A-gate area next to the gift shop, and in the B-Gate area just past the security checkpoint.
  • Ticket Counter
  • TTY public pay phone - Located in the A-Gate area and in the lobby across from the car rental counters.
  • Wheelchairs - Available at all airline ticket counters.

Customer Service

The Eugene Airport staff, airline personnel and other service providers strive for excellence in customer service. We welcome your comments and suggestions: Eugene Airport Administration


28855 Lockheed Drive

Eugene, OR 97402

Phone: 541-682-5430 (Administration) Phone: 541-682-5544 (Information Booth) Phone: 541-954-8364 (Passenger Paging Phone)