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In addition to our traditional paper-based and printable maps, the City of Eugene's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialists have created two new tools for exploring, visualizing and downloading data that has been made publicly available. 

Eugene Mapping Hub

The Eugene Mapping Hub is a one-stop location for maps, data and GIS information at the City of Eugene. Visit this new site to find links to all of our printable maps, as well as: 

  • Interactive maps
  • Data for download
  • Additional maps (non-interactive)

The Hub provides residents, contractors, researchers and business owners with direct access to publicly-available data that can facilitate decision making. For example, neighborhoods can download zoning, buildings and neighborhood boundary GIS files to make maps of a neighborhood. Businesses can use economic development maps such as Opportunity Zones or the West Eugene Enterprise Zone for site location. The Urban Forest web mapping application allows users to view city trees near their property. 


EugMaps is an interactive web-based mapping tool that allows you to access and search a variety of local data. 

The various map layers can help answer common questions:

  • What is the street classification?
  • Is a property within a flood zone?
  • Where is the sanitary sewer?

You can also view aerial photos and create your own maps for saving or printing. 

The application is free of charge and mobile friendly.

Please note that you can also access EugMaps via the Eugene Mapping Hub.