Police Career FAQ

How can I prepare for a law enforcement career?

If you’d like to get more of a taste of law enforcement work but aren’t ready to apply for a police job, you have a number of different options. Aside from Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice programs at local colleges and universities (such a degree is not required to become a police officer or support staff employee), there are some more hands-on introductions to law enforcement you can undertake at no financial cost.

If you are between the ages of 16 and 20, you may be interested in becoming a police cadet. View the Cadet Post page in the Get Involved section of this website, or call 682-5154 x1184 for more information.

Prepare Through Volunteer Work

You can get to know EPD staff and police activity by volunteering with the department — volunteer placements are available in many different units, including police records, detective units, public safety stations and forensics unit. Go to the volunteering page in the "Get Involved" section of this website, or call 682-5355 for more information.

Want to try out police work before changing careers, need to gain experience to improve your résumé before applying for law enforcement positions or just want to help out with public safety in your spare time?Becoming a volunteer reserve officer may be an option. The Eugene Police Department does not currently have an active reserve officer program, but many other local departments do. If you’re interested in volunteering as a part-time reserve police officer in Lane County, try contacting another local law enforcement agency, such as the Lane County Sheriff’s Office or the Springfield, Coburg, Junction City, or Cottage Grove police departments.