The Urban Sewer Master Plan

The Urban Sewer Master Plan
The Urban Sanitary Sewer Master Plan can be accessed online. The Wastewater Master Plan page provides a wide variety of information about the City of Eugene wastewater collection system. The various sections of the plan include:
  • Design criteria used for the existing system and proposed for the future systems
  • Future needs and estimated costs to extend service to unsewered properties within the urban growth boundary
  • Historical information about the development of the existing system
  • Mapping and data storage systems for sewer design and flow analysis
  • Problems and rehabilitation needs of the existing system

Additional Sources
  • The Capital Improvement Program (CIP)- forecasts the City's capital needs over a six-year period based on various City-adopted long-range plans, goals and policies
  • The Multi-Year Financial Plan (MYFP)- a periodic compilation of significant unfunded financial challenges and opportunities that the City of Eugene is expected to encounter over the next six years
  • The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan
  • The Wastewater Master Plan