In addition to the completed application, the following information is required when requesting a residential permit:
  • Current proof of residency with your name and address on it is required. An official piece of mail such as a recent utility bill, bank, or credit card statement is preferred. A lease/rental agreement will be accepted only on official letterhead or with the owner or management stamp. Generic stationery leases are not acceptable.

  • Photo identification: driver's license, passport, or student ID card.
  • Current and Valid Vehicle Registration card with your license plate number for each vehicle for which you wish to have a permit. This must be in your name or your parent's name. Loaned vehicles are not eligible for permit. Temporary permits and title transfers will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Returning Customers: In addition to the application, proof of residency, photo ID, and vehicle title/registration, please bring your parking permit number (s) to receive just the current year update sticker when renewing.

Homeowner or Long-Term Resident: An owner/occupant who (1) is an owner of record of the property as shown on the most recent Lane County Assessor’s tax roll, and (2) occupies a dwelling on the property for a minimum of 6 months of each calendar year. A "homeowner" also includes a person who does not own the property but has resided at the address associated with the property for more than four years. Prior to permit issuance, the owner/occupant must provide the city with a copy of the property deed/property tax statement to verify ownership and two forms of documentation to verify the above occupancy requirement. Acceptable documentation includes voter’s registration, driver’s license, homeowner’s insurance, income tax filing, and/or utility bill. It is the customers responsibility to show long term residency per the above documents.