Citizen Participation and Advisory Committee

Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee (CDBG-AC)

The Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee (CDBG-AC) advises the Planning & Development Department on the proposed use of CDBG funds. This committee is comprised of nine members from three applicant pools designated by the City Council. Five members come from the special interest pool, two members from the voter pool, one from the Human Rights Commission, and one from the neighborhood pool. The committee meets five to six times a year in the winter and spring. They conduct program reviews, solicit and receive written comments from the public, and conduct public hearings.  Recommendations are posted for public comment for no less than 30 days. All funding decisions are made by City Council. 

Accepting Applications
The CDBG-AC is currently accepting applications to fill vacancies. Please review the fact sheet and verify your eligibility before filling out an application. For more information on this committee or their meetings contact Stephanie Jennings at 541-682-5529.

CDBG Advisory Committee Fact Sheet and Eligibility
CDBG Advisory CommitteeApplication

Housing Policy Board (HPB)

The Intergovernmental Housing Policy Board (HPB) advises the Board of Commissioners and the Eugene City Council on the housing needs of low-income residents, and develops a budget and work plan for targeting local government resources for housing related activities. For more information on the HPB or their meetings visit or contact Stephanie Jennings, City of Eugene at 541-682-5529.