Further Hearings FAQ

What happens if there is a further hearing?

There will be a further hearing on a Restraining Order only if the respondent, within 30 days, requests a hearing. You will be notified by mail of the date. You are not required to have an attorney to represent you, but you may want to explore legal help if there are children involved or the respondent is represented by an attorney. If the respondent appears at the hearing with an attorney, you may request a postponement from the court to find an attorney.

Hearings are held on Monday mornings, beginning at 9 am. For Restraining Orders, you will receive a notice of the hearing date in the mail. For Stalking Orders the date of the hearing is set at the time you apply for a temporary order. You may call court information at 541-682-4020 to inquire if a hearing has been scheduled. You must appear at all hearings or your order will be dismissed.

Court Procedures

The following information and tips may be useful if your case requires a further hearing:

  • All the cases on the docket are called beginning at 9 am
  • Be brief, organized, polite, and dress appropriately
  • Be prepared to call witnesses and present evidence
  • Evidence might include letters, photographs, videos, tape recordings, medical records
  • Stand when you speak to the judge
  • The judge may ask the parties to speak to a mediator in an effort to resolve the matter
  • If you are not able to come to an agreement with the mediator, you may request a hearing before a judge
  • Young children are not appropriate in the courtroom