Applying for a Protective Order FAQ

How do I apply for a protective order?

Please note that a protective order is only a tool to help police respond to your situation. It does not guarantee your safety. Please read "Planning for Individual Safety" for more information regarding this issue.

Forms are available at the Lane County courthouse information booth, Lane County District Attorney - Victim Services Program on the fourth floor. Trained advocates in Victim Services are available to provide assistance with the forms and refer you to available community resources. If you are unsure as to what type of protective order you qualify for, please ask.


A judge hears protective order application cases at 10 am daily. Please plan on being at the courthouse for the entire morning and check in between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. You will need parking money and valid identification, such as a driver’s license, Oregon ID card, or passport.

There are no filing or service fees in Oregon. If you are serving a respondent in another state, there may be a fee to serve the papers

Before You File

Assess the danger before you file. Stalking or abusive behavior may escalate, becoming more serious over time. Your danger may increase if the respondent:

  • Feels he/she is losing control over the situation
  • Has abused, battered, or stalked someone before
  • Is increasingly abusive
  • Makes physical contact
  • Uses drugs or alcohol, or has access to weapons

After Filing

All of the information you provide on the forms is public information; the respondent receives a copy of all of the papers you are filling out. If you do not want the respondent to know where you are living, use a mailing or contact address

You will be provided with a copy of any order. Make a copy for your place of employment, children’s school and day care. Always carry a copy with you.