Tobacco Products Licence FAQ

What can a manager do to assure that his/her employees uphold the Law?

Educate Your Staff

We encourage you to educate your new employees on the youth access law the first day they report for work. The Lane County Health Department can provide you with materials that may help you in your efforts to keep staff educated and up-to-date about current laws and store policies. Many retail establishments have been successful in consistently upholding the youth access law. We encourage you to talk with other retailers to see what kinds of employee training programs have proven successful for them.

Keep Your Employees Informed

Licensees are responsible for implementing tobacco regulations training for employees at the commencement of employment and annually thereafter. Some retailers have chosen to award their clerks every time they pass a compliance test. This makes good business sense. Employees who receive incentives may try harder to uphold the law, making it less likely that a business will incur fines or financial hardship as a result of having their license to sell tobacco suspended or revoked.

Display Signs and Decals

Signs notifying the public that it is illegal to sell tobacco products to minors accomplish two things. They discourage underage youth from attempting to purchase tobacco and they remind salesclerks to ask young people to show ID prior to selling them tobacco products.

Provide Your Employees With Tools to Accurately Check I.D.

Some retailers have elected to purchase equipment that can scan a person’s driver’s license and verify whether or not they are old enough to purchase alcohol or tobacco. This eliminates any human error in checking ID. Other retailers place calculators or "no sale if born after this date" reminders at every check out station.