Court Records

Submitting a Public Records Request

Requests for Eugene Municipal Court public records follows the policies and procedures outlined in Administrative Order No. 21-04-01-F and 21-04-02-F. To request a copy of a citation or other court documents, complete the Eugene Municipal Court Public Records Request Form (HERE) or stop by to pick up the form from a court clerk at the front counter at Eugene Municipal Court.
With the exception of complex records requests which involve significant staff research or compilation of data, requests for copies of court documents will be completed within 72 business hours. Fees for public records are charged in accordance with Administrative Order No. 21-04-02F including research fees for documents over 5 years old which will require archive research.The court will mail, fax, email, or have your document ready for pick-up at the front counter of Eugene Municipal Court. 
For further information regarding the City of Eugene's Public Records Request Policy and Fee Schedule refer to Administrative Order No. 21-04-01 and 21-04-02-F. The current fee schedule is located on the City Recorder's webpage.

Reopen Request Procedure

You may request that a case(s) be reopened by completing and filing a Motion to Reopen form and paying a $75 non-refundable fee per charge and any outstanding fees associated with the charge (ex: suspension fee) within six months after your case has been closed.A request to reopen a case must be based upon extremely compelling events that prevented you from posting the base fine or appearing at court.Examples of extremely compelling events that will be considered by the judge include medical illness, hospitalization or a family emergency.In extremely rare circumstances, the court may approve a reopen request after the six month period.

After the court receives the completed Motion to Reopen form and all reopen fees have been paid, your request will be reviewed by the judge.The reason for your reopen request must be clearly written on the motion.This is the information the judge will consider in deciding whether or not to grant your reopen request.

The court will send you notification of the approval or denial of your request within seven days.Please be sure the court has your correct mailing address.

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