Planning and Development

Steam Plant Redevelopment Opportunity!

The Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Eugene is excited to announce the release of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the redevelopment of the historic Steam Plant. The Steam Plant has the potential to connect Eugene's future to its past. As part of the Downtown Riverfront redevelopment, the EWEB Riverfront Master Plan emphasizes the community's wish to reveal the “layers of history” embedded in the site to create this special, historically significant place. Its unique position as an icon of Eugene’s industrial past and location within 50 feet of the top of the riverbank calls for the plant to be preserved and repurposed as an important historical landmark at the east end of the Downtown Riverfront property.

The Agency is seeking the right team of visionaries and community-minded people who have the capacity to bring the Steam Plant into the next phase of its life. Responses to the RFQ are due June 11.

Business & Economic Development

To support economic growth, the City of Eugene works with businesses and developers using a wide range of tools and programs.

Recycling and Solid Waste

The City of Eugene sets rates and standards for garbage, yard debris and recycling collection service inside the City limits. In addition, food scrap collection is offered for commercial customers.


The City of Eugene manages over 1,000 on street and 3,000 off-street parking spaces in downtown Eugene. Parking meters and time limits are placed in high-use parking areas of Eugene to encourage the necessary turnover that increases accessibility for everyone and supports local businesses that rely on street parking for customer access.

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