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A volunteer outdoorsOverview

Recreation has a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals interested in sharing their time and talent. Volunteers play a vital role working together with staff to create safe, healthy and livable communities and recreational opportunities for all.

Contact Melinda Vega at 541-682-6320, fill out our Volunteer Interest Form or check our our volunteer brochure to get started today.

Summer Internship Opportunity for Teens

We are looking for self-starting teens, ages 15-18, who wish to work with youth with disabilities. Interns will experience adventures with extraordinary youth while gaining volunteer hours and being exposed to amazing leadership opportunities. Information sheet and application.

For more information contact Shayle Wigger 541-682-5311.

Adaptive Recreation Services

Adaptive Recreation Services, located at Hilyard Community Center, offers a diverse range of recreation activities and classes to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Depending on the season and need activities may include: 
  • Camps
  • Dances
  • Inclusion supports
  • Services in other recreation programs and classes
  • Skill-building and fitness classes
  • Social skill groups
  • Trips and excursions
  • Adaptive Skiing
Volunteers may:
  • Assist instructors in weekly classes and skill building activities
  • Help with special events including set-up and clean-up
  • Provide individualized help to select patrons
  • Support, encourage, and socialize with participants

Adults 50+

Campbell and Petersen Barn Centers offer a variety of recreational, educational and social services for adults 50 years and older. Programs and services are designed to strengthen networks, link older adults to community services and offer transitions to changing life situations.

The centers also offer opportunities to meet new friends, develop interests, learn new skills, increase fitness levels and share experiences.

Depending on the season and need volunteers may:
  • Assist in the kitchen with meal preparation and clean-up
  • Assist with classes or trips
  • Help at the front desk making appointments and answering questions and the phones
  • Instruct classes and/or assist with special events and other activities as needed
  • Supervise the Wood Shop at Campbell Center
  • Supervise the free computer lab
  • Help with recycling and composting efforts


The Aquatics program operates two year-round facilities and one summer season facility serving more than 250,000 patron visits annually. Eugene’s swimming pools offer swimming and water safety instruction, competitive programs, water fitness, specialized aquatics programs and recreational and lap swims.

Fitness centers at the two year-round facilities also provide land fitness opportunities for patrons from early morning to late evening. The pools also offer a variety of year round special events.

Depending on the season and need volunteers may: 
  • Assist with light maintenance
  • Do other jobs as needed
  • Help instructors in the learn-to-swim programs
  • Help with special events


The Athletics program offers recreational and competitive sports leagues for adults and coordinates the use of City and school district athletic facilities. The program's mission is to promote active lifestyles and encourage physical fitness, mental well-being and social interactions.

Depending on the season and need volunteers may: 
  • Help set-up and cleanup for special events and tournaments
  • Help with fundraising and assisting staff during athletic competitions

Outdoor Program

The Outdoor program is part of the Youth and Family Recreation Services program with the mission to create opportunities that inspire a lifelong passion to imagine, explore, learn, grow and contribute. Besides offering a variety of outdoor camps, wilderness trips and experiences for ages 7 and older, it also provides Challenge Course training and instruction and skill-building classes in skiing, rock climbing, rafting, canoeing, kayaking and sailing.

Opportunities exist in a variety of activities and classes for individuals who have solid skills in outdoor recreation including rafting, kayaking, sailing, skiing, hiking and challenge course facilitation. Depending on the season and need volunteers may:
  • Assist staff in class leadership and skill instructions
  • Conduct challenge course events
  • Drive the vans
  • Teach classes or lead trips
  • Work one-on-one with participants

Teen Court VolunteerTeen Court

The Bethel Teen Court and West Eugene Teen Courts conduct peer hearings to recommend consequences for first-time juvenile offenders cited for non-violent misdemeanors and violations. The court is run by students trained in the concept of restorative justice and adult attorneys acting as judges. They help youth offenders take accountability, make amends and earn the right to apply for early record expunction.

This alternative is authorized by the Lane County Department of Youth Services as a diversion program. Youth volunteers must live or attend school in the Bethel district or Churchill high School attendance area. Youth volunteers develop skills in decision making, cooperation, public speaking, law and ethics while helping their peers and improving their community. Most schools accept Teen Court hours to meet community service requirements.

The court office is at Petersen Barn Community Center, with hearings held at that location and also near Churchill High School. Hearings occur about twice a month on Thursday nights in Bethel and on Wednesday nights in West Eugene. A one-time orientation is required for jury service and further training is available for other courtroom roles.

Youth age 12-17 serve as jurors, case presenters, defendant advisers, court clerks, bailiffs and Spanish-language interpreters and participate in trainings and orientation meetings. Volunteers may:
  • Adult volunteers may serve as courtroom jury monitors
  • Attend hearings and recommend consequences for first time juvenile offenders and help their peers accept responsibility for crimes using the concept of restorative justice
  • Attorneys may volunteer their time to serve as judges at the peer court hearings

Volunteering with youthYouth and Family Services

Youth and Family Recreation Services provide neighborhood based programs for youth and families managed through three centers: Sheldon, Petersen Barn and Amazon.

More than 2,500 activities are offered annually, including:
  • Art
  • After-school enrichment activities
  • Camps
  • Dance
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Preschool education
  • Skill building classes
  • A variety of programs that encourage physical fitness and outdoor recreation
        Depending on the season and need volunteers may: 
        • Assist instructors and leaders in conducting activities and classes
        • Help at special events
        • Help in out-of-school time or child-care programs, camps and field trips or special events
        • Working with individuals ages two and a half to adult