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Unique Cultural and Historical Features

To document the unique cultural and historic features of the River Road area the City of Eugene was awarded a matching grant from the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office. This grant funded research and a written history of the River Road area south of the Beltline Highway. The final document is titled "Eugene’s Historic River Road" which explains the development history of the area from Native American settlement to 1965, with attention paid to the existing historic resources that are over 50 years old.

Addressing Service Delivery Issues in River Road and Santa Clara

Decades of small annexations in the River Road / Santa Clara area have created a patchwork of incorporated and unincorporated parcels. That pattern has sometimes made the delivery of some urban services less efficient, and the burden of paying for them unequally distributed. Residents and service providers in the area and in other parts of Eugene have different perceptions about the costs, benefits, and fairness of service delivery and charges. A number of initiatives have occurred to address service delivery issues in the River Road / Santa Clara communities. These processes have produced the products listed: