Friendly Area Neighborhood

Friendly Area Neighbors PicnicOverview
The Friendly Area Neighborhood (FAN) is named for Friendly Street, which bisects the neighborhood from North to South. The street in turn was named for Sam Friendly, a much-loved 19th-century Mayor of Eugene and one of the far-sighted individuals who secured the location of the University of Oregon for Eugene. His direct descendant was Fred Friendly, the internationally renowned broadcaster and journalist. Our neighborhood encompasses a wide range of architectural and personal styles.

The boundaries of the Friendly Area Neighborhood are Amazon Creek on the east, 18th Street on the north, and Chambers Street on the west. The southern boundary is West 29th Avenue to Lorane Highway, then north on Washington to West 28th Avenue, then continuing on West 28th to Chambers Street.

Local Businesses
Small, locally-owned businesses abound in our neighborhood, many within easy walking distance. You'll discover markets offering fine organic produce and products and regional wines from the vineyards of Oregon; locally-owned bookstore where you will be greeted by the owner; cafes and bistros, and farmers markets, to name just a few.

These businesses stand beside regional and national brand stores. We encourage you to shop close to home and meet your neighbors. Less driving means more time to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of home. LTD bus service is extensive throughout the neighborhood, supporting a focus on reduced carbon footprint lifestyles. Let someone else drive and you enjoy the ride!

Explore Our Neighborhood
We invite you to explore our beautiful part of the wonderful City of Eugene. Excellent neighborhood schools and beautiful City Parks are located throughout our neighborhood. Residents of the Friendly Area Neighborhood love to garden and this common thread of love and pride is visible on every street. Street trees abound, planted in part through the efforts of the Friendly Area Neighbors Association (FAN).

The Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Executive Board meets the second Monday of every month from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. A portion of each meeting is devoted to input from neighborhood residents and the general public. General meetings of the Friendly Area Neighbors are held at the Washington Park Cottage, 2025 Washington Street, on the 4th Thursday of January, April and October.

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