Building Occupancy

Temporary Certificates of Occupancy
Contractors and owners often have a need to occupy a building before all inspections have been approved and the final Certificate of Occupancy can be issued. If there are no outstanding life safety issues, you may request a temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO), which involves requesting final inspections for most outstanding areas. Your inspector will indicate his/her approval by signing your TCO application. When all required inspections have been noted on the application, you will bring the application to the Permit and Information Center to submit, along with a $327 fee. Staff will review the inspection and issue a TCO. A typical TCO allows you to occupy the building for a period of 30 days while remaining inspections are resolved. However, under special circumstances, we are happy to work with you if you need a longer time frame.

For TCO questions or assistance, feel free to contact Kyle Richardson at 541-682-8338.