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Municipal Court Operations - COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

3/16/2020 REVISED 3/20/2020

Please read ALL information contained within this announcement. This information will supersede any and all information contained throughout the Municipal Court pages.

Effective Monday, March 23, the Eugene Municipal Court will only hold in-custody court appearances. In-custody court appearances are held daily at the Lane County Jail and on Monday and Thursday at the Eugene Municipal Court. Court doors will open Monday at 1 p.m. and close with the in-custody court session concludes and Thursday at 8:15 a.m. and close when the session is completed. All other court appearances will be set-over with a new court date. Please make sure the municipal court has your current address to receive notices.

We are experiencing high call volumes and are unsure how long we will have the ability to answer phone calls. The best way to get a message to the court is through email, postal mail, or the dropbox outside the courthouse.

Individuals with pending criminal charges are encouraged to call their attorneys for further information on clearing outstanding warrants.

Contact Eugene Municipal Court

Phone:  541-682-5400


Mail: 1102 Lincoln St, Eugene, OR 97401

Court Appointed Attorney Contacts

Eckart Wostmann Wiese (541) 689-3261

Rosta & Connelly (541)541 343-8111

Jessica Saydack (541)852-2141

Parking Citations:

Payments for parking citations can be made via the online payment portal.

Disputed citations can be emailed, mailed, or placed in our dropbox outside of the courthouse. The court will respond to your dispute in writing, please make sure there is a correct address in the correspondence.

Traffic and other Violation Offenses (non-criminal offenses):

All non-criminal arraignments will be set out 60 days from the date listed on your citation by the officer.

Non-criminal citations can be disputed via mail.

Payments can be made via the online payment portal.

If you believe you qualify for one of our fine reduction or deferral programs, you may mail, email, or use the court dropbox to send in this request form with a letter of explanation.

If you would like to dispute your citation you can request a trial to be set via email, mail, or placed in our dropbox outside of the courthouse. The court will respond to your dispute in writing, please make sure there is a correct address in the correspondence. Use this request form along with your written request to contest/submit a NG plea and request a trial online.

Payments for criminal fines on cases that are resolved/adjudicated can be made via the online payment portal.


Payments can be made by phone, mail, or online.

Court Collections:

Professional Credit Service (PCS)

400 International Way #100

Springfield, OR 97477

Phone: (541) 343-5641

Toll Free: (800) 972-1635

Parking Collections:

Linebarger, Goggan Blair & Sampson

Texas Office/Remittance
PO Box 702118
San Antonio, TX 78270
Phone: (877) 251-1658

Colorado Office
1515 Cleveland Place Suite 300
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (877) 464-1016


Potential jurors who are in higher risk categories of severe illness may contact the court to reschedule their jury service. People at higher risk include:

  • People 60 and older
  • People with underlying health conditions including heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes
  • People who have weakened immune systems
  • People who are pregnant

If, at the time you are scheduled to appear for service, you are experiencing symptoms of acute respiratory illness, such as fever, please contact the court at the phone number provided on the jury summons to reschedule your service.

CDC Info: English | Spanish

Community Court Internship


Eugene Community Court is currently seeking interns. For more information please read the Internship Posting and the Community Court page of this website

Online Records Search


Eugene Municipal Court recently implemented public access to our online record search module. The public is now able to look at court dockets and see basic case information at:

General Information

The Eugene Municipal Court was established by City Charter to adjudicate violations of the City’s municipal laws occurring within the city limits.

The City of Eugene has also adopted the Oregon State Vehicle Code by ordinance, which gives the Eugene Municipal Court jurisdiction over these offenses within the City.

All Eugene Municipal Court proceedings are governed by State of Oregon laws governing justice courts. Keeping in mind the unique nature of the Eugene community, the Eugene Municipal Court offers fair and reasonable adjudication of cases and, where appropriate, the imposition of sanctions.

Court sanctions may include fines, time in jail, community service, road / work crew, diversion / probation, or other alternative programs, depending upon the severity of the offense and the defendant’s history with the court.


The information on this site does not constitute legal advice, it is provided for information only. While we make every effort to provide accurate information, there is no guarantee as to the a