Phased Permits

Beginning Construction Early

Applicants often "phase" new commercial construction to allow construction to begin while final details of the plans are still being worked out. Phased projects typically contain some or all of the following components:

  • Erosion control (construction site management plan)
  • Trees and natural resource protection measures
  • Site preparation (including excavation and grading)
  • Site utilities
  • Foundation
  • Building shell
  • Tenant infill(s)

Project Consultation

Applicants planning to phase their project must attend at least one project consultation. The goals are to scope out the project, identify issues, clarify expectations and improve coordination and communication. As the applicant, you can choose to submit the first phase of the project right after this meeting if plans meet intake requirements.

One primary contact is required throughout the plan review process even if different phases are designed by different professionals.

Project consultation meetings can now be scheduled online through eBuild. You will be asked to upload a completed application and any questions you might have. You can then choose the meeting date and time that works for your project team from an online calendar. If you have any questions regarding this process, you can contact a Permit Tech via email or by phone at 541-682-5505.