Transient Room Tax (TRT)

Upcoming Administration Changes

Transient Lodging Tax 

As current tax administrator for all local Lane County TLT filings, the City of Eugene is providing advance notice of an upcoming change to our current lodging tax administration and collection process.  


Beginning October 1, 2022, for 4th quarter 2022 reporting (October – December) the Oregon Department of Revenue (DOR) will collect and administer all TLT taxes for Lane County, City of Springfield, City of Florence, City of Cottage Grove, and City of Eugene. 


Moving the administration and tax collection to the Department of Revenue will be more efficient as well as simplify and streamline the filing requirements for local taxpayers by combining the tax filings for City, County and State into one quarterly filing.


What to do now

For now, please continue to remit your TLT tax (for Lane County, City of Springfield, City of Florence, City of Cottage Grove, and City of Eugene) to the City of Eugene Finance Department for all periods through the September 2022 period.  The September 2022 period is due to our office by the end of the last business day in October 2022 or is to be postmarked no later than October 31, 2022.  This will be the last monthly remittance for TLT to the City of Eugene. Future filings will be on a quarterly basis through the DOR, which will begin next calendar year.


Additional information will be posted in the next few weeks regarding the transition of administration to DOR including steps you will need to take to ensure accurate registration for DOR collection.

 The State of Oregon administers its own lodging tax program in addition to any local government tax.   

  1. Register 

Register to collect Lane County transient room tax

Each operator (as defined in Eugene Code 3.770(d) shall register with the tax administrator on a form provided by the tax administrator within 15 days after starting the business.  Once the registration form is received the tax administrator shall issue a certificate of authority to the registrant to collect the tax from the occupants of the hotel (as defined in EC 3.770(a).  

The Transient Occupancy Registration Certificate signifies that the person named on it has fulfilled the requirements of the transient room tax ordinance of the City of Eugene by registration with the tax administrator for the purpose of collecting from transients the city’s room tax and submitting the tax to the tax administrator.  This certificate does not constitute a permit.

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