For City of Eugene Employees

COVID-19 Resources for City of Eugene Employees

News and updates related to your facility and operation will come from your department leadership as it becomes available. Also see City Services – What’s Open? for the related updates.

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  5. Tips to Help You Stay Safe

(Updated March 23, 2020)

To support overall community health and safety, as March 23, 2020, we want staff to work at home if at all possible. Here are the guidelines:


  • If you work in Police, Fire, Public Works Wastewater, Maintenance, or Airport, or Central Services Facilities, Information Services or Municipal Court, you should report to work as usual unless you’ve been directed not to or have already been given permission to work from home.
  • If you have been assigned to the COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center, you should report to work as assigned.
  • If you have been approved to work from home, you should continue to do so per the terms of agreement with your supervisor.
  • For all others, if you have been reporting to work for your regular shift you should either:
    • Receive a call, text, or email from your supervisor tonight with directions about whether to report work as usual or be available to work from home. If you do not receive direction from your supervisor today you are directed to be available to work from home.
    • Be available during your regular shift for immediate response by phone and/or available to report to work within one hour of contact in the event you are called to work – for these hours regular time will be coded up to your normal schedule each day.
    • If you are unable to respond to a call immediately or an assignment within one hour, that may be performed at home or onsite within CDC guidelines, you should notify your supervisor and code sick or vacation time. If you are sick, have doctors’ appointments, or need time away during regular working hours for any reason while you are at home, you are expected to call in, code leave, and make those arrangements with your supervisorYou must make arrangements and obtain approval prior to being unavailable just as you are required to do currently.
  • Additional timesheet codes if needed and process for entry will be clarified soon. Payroll has been working on back up plans to ensure everyone is paid on regular schedule.