Information Services

About Information Services

The City of Eugene Information Services Division (ISD) builds and maintains the City of Eugene’s technologies to meet the evolving needs of the community. The division is comprised of professional and technical staff that excel at managing multiple priorities with a high level of professionalism.

The scope of operations and focus includes:

  • Providing secure and reliable network services across the organization to help every department deliver services to the community
  • Maintaining free public wireless internet at public City facilities, including the Airport, community centers, libraries and pools as part of a strategy to increase wi-fi access in the Eugene community
  • Managing the telecommunications franchise program
  • Supporting the city-wide Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and emergency planning

Vendor Inquiries

If you are interested in working with the City of Eugene as a supplier for IT-related projects, services or equipment, visit our purchasing site to learn how the City accepts bids and proposals, how to indicate you're an interested supplier, and how to join a qualified pool.

For questions related to specific projects or how to propose on a project, contact the Purchasing Office.

If you are a COBID-certified business, or have interest in becoming one, contact the city’s Purchasing Office