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Neighborhood associations are volunteer organizations that thrive and grow when everyone is involved. Here are just a few of the ways you can get involved in your neighborhood:

HRNI staff support the development of neighborhood leaders by:

  • Building capacity of neighborhood leaders to be effective organizers and representatives of neighborhood issues and concerns.
  • Educating neighborhood groups and the larger community about opportunities for public participation related to land use, transportation, neighborhood livability, and other issues.
  • Empowering neighborhood groups to clarify goals and priorities and be effective problem solvers.
  • Promoting the benefits of participating in neighborhood associations.
  • Providing forums for discussion of important neighborhood issues.
  • Providing resources to enhance neighborhood identity and implement neighborhood improvements.
  • Improving communication and collaboration between City government, neighborhood groups and the larger community.

The City of Eugene has had a system of formally recognized neighborhood associations since 1976. Participation in any of the existing 23 neighborhood associations is open to all residents, property owners or business owners within the boundaries of the neighborhood. Neighborhood associations submit annual reports on their activities. A compilation of all neighborhood reports may be accessed online

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