Neighborhood Involvement

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Neighborhood associations are volunteer organizations that thrive and grow when everyone is involved. Here are just a few of the ways you can get involved in your neighborhood:

Get in touch with neighborhood association leaders

Mouse over "Neighborhood associations" on the menu tot he left to find a page for each of the active associations in Eugene or download a list of current neighborhood association leaders by clicking here.

HRNI staff support the development of neighborhood leaders by:

  • Building capacity of neighborhood leaders to be effective organizers and representatives of neighborhood issues and concerns.
  • Educating neighborhood groups and the larger community about opportunities for public participation related to land use, transportation, neighborhood livability, and other issues.
  • Empowering neighborhood groups to clarify goals and priorities and be effective problem solvers.
  • Promoting the benefits of participating in neighborhood associations.
  • Providing forums for discussion of important neighborhood issues.
  • Providing resources to enhance neighborhood identity and implement neighborhood improvements.
  • Improving communication and collaboration between City government, neighborhood groups and the larger community.

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