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The City of Eugene Cultural Services presents ArtCity- Studios on Broadway

The City of Eugene Cultural Services works to elevate artists and arts organizations, like ArtCity, in our community. Our robust Public Art program includes the 20x21 Mural Project, Urban Canvas, Visual Arts Week, BRIDGE Exhibitions, and the Mayor’s Art Show. Eugene’s vision for a public art experience is to offer our city as both exhibit and studio. Our goal is to support public art and cultural experiences that authentically expresses the timeline we live in, inspires wonder and invokes dialogue. 


Visual art transforms cultural landscapes, invoke meaningful dialogues, and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds. From professors of art to master crafts people, Eugene has a rich mix of artistic approaches to offer.


ArtCity is an active and growing community with a dynamic vision. ArtCity cultivates an art ecosystem that empowers artists to grow their practice,


Christopher St. John

Sandra Honda

Charly Swing

Darryl Evans 

Michael Lawrence

Jennifer Andrews

Upper Case

Eugene Contemporary Art was founded in 2011 to provide emerging and established artists with opportunities for their work to be seen by the public. Over the years, ECA has organized and curated popup shows, exhibitions, residencies, as well as facilitated workshops, published writing on art through our website, and started the podcast Bottleracks & Fountains. In late 2019, Eugene Contemporary Art opened the art space ANTI-AESTHETIC, located in downtown Eugene and at

ANTI-AESTHETIC is supported by the W.L.S. Spencer Foundation.


ECA’s vision is to establish a relevant way for regional artists to gather, engage, grow their work, and communicate ideas to their community. We will listen to and be guided by the needs and concerns of our fellow artists. We want to elevate the role of the artist by recognizing the important work they are doing and amplifying it by connecting them to a wider audience and to each other.

By engaging and educating our local community about the language of art process and practice, we endeavor to nurture a rich common ground from which to question and think about the world we live in.

Twitter @anti_aesthetic  Instagram @antiaesthetic   website



Mika Boyd

Erin Langley

Hannah Petkau

Noelle Herceg

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