Gallery at the Airport

Current Airport Exhibit

Window into the Mayor’s Art Show + Salon des Refusés

October 23, 2019 – January 20, 2020

Open Eugene Airport hours

Presented by The City of Eugene Cultural Services

Sponsors: Oregon Community Foundation

The Gallery at the Airport features a vignette into the 2019 Mayor’s Art Show and the Salon des Refusés celebrating the diversity of local artists and art production. It is the first time we’ve mingled the two exhibitions.

The artwork submitted to the Mayor’s Art Show Call to Artists resulted in two annual exhibitions, the Mayor’s Art Show and the Salon des Refusés. Artists who were not selected for the Mayor’s Art Show were invited to enter the Salon des Refusés presented by the New Zone Gallery.

Historically, this model may have caused friction between those who were accepted and those who were not. Today, we hope to showcase local artists and our vibrant creative community in Eugene.

Our process seeks to provide a platform for marginalized practices, voices and experiences. We recognize the hard work required of artists, who dedicate body, mind and spirit to the creation of their vision. We believe in the power of art to establish space for citizens where safety, success, and well-being are not predetermined by race, class, sexual orientation, gender, age, mental or physical ability.

Art is shared interaction, cultural exchange, and lodges in the very heart of what makes us grateful to live here. Art speaks to everyone.

Katy Keuter, mix media

Katy Keuter, mix media

Chanin Santiago | Curator