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Art of the Athlete: All Stars 

  For the past 8 years, Art of the Athlete (AofA) has been an education program for UO student-athletes as part of the museum’s mission to engage diverse student groups from across campus.  AofA workshops are designed for students to experiment with a variety of media including sculpture, photography, collage/mixed media, oils, watercolors and acrylics.  Writing prompts and drawing activities are designed by JSMA director of education, Lisa Abia-Smith and Senior Instructor in PPPM and center around themes of identity, representation, and resiliency.  

  This year, we asked 6 former and current AofA participants to jury artwork for the 9th Annual exhibition. The jury includes Tyrell Crosby, offensive lineman for the Detroit Lions; Megan Conder, professional golfer and History of Art and Architecture graduate; Malik Lovette, former football player and UO graduate who went on to Northern Arizona to receive his master’s degree while completing his last year of NCAA eligibility; Tasa Leoso, women’s soccer player for Hayward State University, CA and UO transfer who serves as an AofA program manager; and Rex Manu, former UO football player and recent graduate selected the works seen on display in this exhibition.

Kaumatule_hr 350x402

KAUMATULE - Self Portrait

Sabrina Ionescu - Self Portrait

IONESCU  - Self Portrait

Lovette - Untitled Self Portrait

LOVETTE - Self Portrait