Protect Your Car

Theft From a Vehicle

Theft from a vehicle is one of the most common crimes in our area. Approximately 1,800 car break-ins occurred in 2019 in Eugene. In almost all cases, the victims had left property visible in the vehicle. There is one clear message, if you want to keep someone from breaking into your vehicle, lock it and don’t leave ANYTHING inside the vehicle! If you will follow this simple rule, you will likely not become a victim of this crime.

Additional Tips

  • Be careful about electronics in your vehicle…smartphones, dash cameras, etc. Even just a cord visible, indicates the likelihood such a device is inside.
  • Don’t put something in your vehicle trunk and then walk away from the vehicle. If someone saw you put it in, they can usually access your trunk by breaking into your vehicle and accessing the trunk release. Instead, put the item in the trunk before arriving at your location. This is especially important at hiking/running locations, sporting events and shopping malls.
  • Lock your vehicle at all times, even in your garage and when making short trips into a convenience store, school, post office, etc.
  • Park in well-lit, high-traffic areas.

Stolen Vehicles

Approximately 648 vehicles were stolen in Eugene in 2019. The most commonly stolen vehicles are mid-late 90’s, Toyotas/Hondas or their derivatives. 


Vehicle “Club” steering wheel locks are being sold for $13.00 at EPD Headquarters, 300 Country Club Road and will be sold until our current inventory is exhausted. After our supply has been sold, “Clubs” can be purchased from various retailers, including online sales. One of the most important steps to take if you want to discourage someone from breaking into your vehicle, is to NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR VEHICLE!  

Public Hotsheet

Although not specifically a "prevention" program, EPD offers this program related to stolen vehicles in our community. A "hotsheet" is a list of vehicles that have been stolen in the Eugene area over the last few weeks. The public can sign up to receive this daily report via email. The goal of this program is for there to be additional "eyes & ears" in the community, helping law enforcement recover stolen vehicles.

For more information or to sign up to receive the public "hotsheet" emails please contact Program Manager Harlow Meno via email or at 541-682-5642.