Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles in Eugene

Electric vehicles (EVs) are an important new transportation option. By utilizing electric power instead of gasoline or diesel fuel, EVs are another means for reaching city goals for reducing community fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Public Charging Stations

EV drivers can park and charge their vehicles at several City of Eugene parking facilities (EV charging station map Opens a New Window. ) including:

  • Downtown Public Library parking garage at 100 West 10th Avenue
  • Overpark parking garage at 10th and Oak Street
  • Parcade parking garage at Eighth and Willamette Street 

Installing a Charging Station at your Home

If you are thinking about installing a charging station at your home you should check with an electrical contractor to make sure you have the necessary electrical service and circuitry. Electrical permits may be required in order to grade your electrical service, install the special circuit and install an outlet made specifically for electric vehicles. You can contact the Permit Information Center to get more information on getting a permit.

Other Resources

To learn more about EV basics, charging options and how to get EV ready visit Eugene Water and Electric Board’s Electric Vehicle website.