Independent Police Auditor

Parkview Place building

Para información en español, por favor visite la página de Auditoría Independiente de la Policía.

Our Mission

To provide an accessible, safe, impartial, and responsive intake system for complaints against Eugene Police Department (EPD) employees and to ensure accountability, fairness, transparency and trust in the complaint system through the intake, classification, auditing and adjudication process of the complaint system. 

Our Mandate

The Independent Police Auditor (IPA) has the following broad functions:

  • to receive and classify complaints of police misconduct
  • to audit the investigations based on these complaints
  • to analyze trends and recommend improvements to police services in the city
  • to provide staff support for the Civilian Review Board, which oversees the work of the IPA. 

The Independent Police Auditor and the Civilian Review Board operate independently. For additional information about the Civilian Review Board, including their public meetings and materials, please visit the Civilian Review Board webpage.

Our Structure

The Police Auditor reports directly to, and is funded by, the Eugene City Council. The office is an independent, civilian entity performing oversight of the Eugene Police Department; neither our funding nor management overlap with EPD. No employee of the Independent Police Auditor’s Office is an employee of the Eugene Police Department.