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Books and Audiobooks

Choose from hundreds of thousands of books and audiobooks in print, large print, and online. The wide variety includes fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels and comics. Ask us anytime for expert help to find books you’ll enjoy based on your interests and tastes.


eBooks and Streaming

We offer a huge selection of online eBooks and streaming titles including audiobooks, movies, music, and magazines. Read, listen, or watch on your tablet, phone, or computer anytime, anywhere. Choose from current bestsellers to classics, with choices for all ages. First-timers: instructions are provided, or ask library staff for assistance. 

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Info Hub

Use professional online sites, tools, and databases usually available only by paid subscription. Our Info Hub covers a wide range of topics including genealogy, health, money, and business. Plus live tutors for students of all ages. 

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Magazines and Newspapers

Read current and past magazines and newspapers for research, information, or pleasure. Some national and local publications are available in print and many more online, including Flipster digital magazines and databases of local and national newspapers.


Movies and Music

Enjoy every type and era of movies and music. Borrow DVDs and CDs, or stream or download from extensive collections: Kanopy and Hoopla.

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Library of Things

Borrow hands-on tools to learn and create with our Library of Things. A wide variety of items ranges from specialty cameras, mobile wifi hotspots, digital graphics tools, and invention kits to sewing machines, button makers, looms, and book group kits.