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Eugene Park Stewards 

1820 Roosevelt Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97402

West Region Volunteer Coordinator:
Lorna Baldwin, email or

South Region Volunteer Coordinator:
Carrie Karl, email or

North Region Volunteer Coordinator:
Katie Blair, email or

Fax: 541-682-4882

EPS Regions Map 
View the regionally-based map to help identify your volunteer coordinator.
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Eugene Park Stewards facilitates and supports volunteers who provide vital stewardship to more than 70 developed parks and thousands of acres of natural areas. This is the second in a three-part series highlighting the many benefits of partner groups who work so tirelessly over the years to improve our parks and natural areas, and help bring the community outdoors. Through the Eugene Park Stewards program many opportunities are offered for service groups to partner for one-time or ongoing park adoption projects. From the south region, we would like to introduce you to Friendly Area Neighbors.

Mark Your Calendar
There are many unique opportunities for folks to get to better know their parks and the volunteers regularly seen stewarding these green spaces so important to our community. Check out these events from our Calendar on the right, and be sure to mark your calendar for these upcoming events-

April 20, Friendly Park
April 27, Awbrey Park Native Plant Tour
May 3, Hays Tree Garden in Alton Baker Park

EPS Volunteer CoordinatorsChat with a Volunteer Coordinator
There are many ongoing opportunities for you to pitch in and roll up your sleeves in Eugene’s outdoor spaces. Volunteers are vital to improving our parks and open space system! Their dedication has provided the heart and hands to transform a fledgling volunteer program into a strong thread in the fabric of our community. Eugene Park Stewards now offers increased opportunities for ongoing stewardship through adoptions and volunteer-based leadership. Please contact us using the links to the left to learn more or to initiate an effort in your own neighborhood park. We hope to see even more of you as the need for strong community support increases.

Visit a 'Friends' Group
New volunteer leaders or groups considering adopting a park or natural area are encouraged by EPS to visit an established Friends group.  EPS regional volunteer coordinators are happy to help answer questions and connect you with established Friends volunteer leaders and their committed volunteers as they work togther to continue planting, mulching, and removing invasive species. 

Volunteer Leaders
Arguably, the most important role in your adoption group is that of Volunteer Leader. This person is ultimately responsible for safety, communication, data management, and the logistics of stewardship for your adopted park or open space. Learn more about the tasks of a Volunteer Leader, and let us know how we might help your adoption group fill this important role.