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Mitigation Bank Coordinator

1820 Roosevelt Blvd.
Eugene, OR  97402

Ph: 541-682-4888
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Wetlands Mitigation Bank
The Eugene Wetland Mitigation Bank (Bank) is a venture in which the City of Eugene Parks and Open Space Division undertakes projects that restore, create or enhance wetlands, and sells credits to interested parties to offset wetland impacts as a requirement of their approved Joint Fill-Removal Permit from the Department of State Lands (DSL) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Bank is the cornerstone of the nationally acclaimed West Eugene Wetlands Program. The first wetlands mitigation bank in the state, Eugene’s Bank has been providing exceptionally high-quality habitat restoration involving wet prairie, vernal pool, emergent, and riparian habitats for the Eugene-Springfield metro area and beyond since the early 1990s.

Pricing and Information on Purchasing Mitigation Bank Credits
Prices for mitigation credits can vary, depending on the location of your project. This webpage describes some basic information on purchasing mitigation credits from the City of Eugene’s Wetland Mitigation Bank. For more details please contact Trevor Taylor at 541-682-4888.

The Bank’s service area includes the City of Eugene’s Urban Growth boundary, but also extends from just north of Cottage Grove to west of Salem. Towns within the service area include Eugene, Springfield, Veneta, Junction City, Harrisburg, Monroe, Halsey, Coburg, Lowell, Creswell, west Lebanon, Brownsville, Corvallis, Albany, Millersburg, Falls City and others. Please visit this link for our Mitigation Bank Service Area Map to see if your project lies within our service area.

For projects located outside the City of Eugene’s Urban Growth Boundary (but within our service area) the current price per credit is $57,050, and pricing may be adjusted annually. Within our service area bulk purchase discounts are available for purchases of 10 credits or more, and purchases of 10 credits or more may be reserved in advance to ensure availability and price. Please inquire about bulk discounts and options for financing if interested.

For projects located within the Urban Growth Boundary of Eugene please visit the website of our Purchasing Office for more information on the process for placing a bid to purchase mitigation credits. Specific information will be in the section titled Surplus Equipment and Goods. The minimum bid price is $48,500 per credit.

Credit Availability

Credits available from the Bank as of September 29, 2014
Description   Credits available within Eugene’s UGB  Credits available anywhere in the service area  Totals  
Credits in bank ledger   2.67 5.50 8.17
Credits reserved for approved projects  0.00 0.00 0.00
Credits available for new bank customers   2.67 5.50 8.17

Guidance on Replacement Ratios
If the wetlands impacted by your project are outside of the West Eugene Wetlands Plan (see plan page 17), the regulating agencies will work with you to determine replacement ratios. However, if your project is within the West Eugene Wetlands Plan boundary, the replacement ratios are described in section 4.17 of the plan. For more information on the default ratios and possible ratio reductions for projects within the West Eugene Wetland plan boundary, please refer to the Habitat Quality Assessment (HQA) documents below.

What is a Wetlands Mitigation Bank?
Mitigation banks are large-scale, ecosystem-oriented wetlands restoration projects designed to provide sustainable ecological benefits in advance of unavoidable adverse impacts on wetlands caused by human activity. This relatively new approach is a long-awaited alternative to traditional compensatory wetlands mitigation. Under the traditional method, compensation for wetlands impact was accomplished on a project-by-project basis. This resulted in smaller, often isolated, wetlands. Mitigation banks provide a more comprehensive, effective, and high-quality approach than the isolated, piece-meal solutions. Mitigation banking provides developers, utility providers, and state and local agencies with the opportunity to pay a one-time fee to purchase credits from the bank, thereby satisfying all or a portion of the statutory wetlands mitigation requirements.

Eugene’s Wetlands Mitigation Bank functions to serve two major goals: 
  • Provide mitigation credits for sale to private and public entities for development impacts located within the Bank’s service area. 
  • Restore and enhance an interconnected system of local wetland habitats to a high ecological standard.

Eugene’s Wetlands Mitigation Bank has significantly advanced the science of wetland restoration by implementing the latest restoration and enhancement techniques and carefully monitoring its projects. Bank projects set a very high standard by establishing rare species, achieving high species diversity, and putting a long-term stewardship plan in place. This effort has resulted in some of the highest-quality wetland restoration projects in the Pacific Northwest. The Bank has won numerous awards and is generally recognized as the “gold standard” of wetland restoration in Oregon.

The Bank provides significant benefits to the community including: 
  • Enhanced air and water quality treatment for non-point source pollution. 
  • Flood control and water quality treatment through an interconnected system of wetland and riparian areas. 
  • A diverse array of native plants and animals, and significant connected system of wildlife habitats. 
  • Access to large natural areas near downtown Eugene for all citizens to enjoy. 
  • Educational and recreational opportunities in and along the wetlands and stream corridors.