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Eugene Public Works Engineering
Major road projects on City streets

99 E. Broadway
Suite 400
Eugene, OR 97401

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Eugene Public Works Maintenance
Street repairs, including pothole patching, crack sealing and concrete panel replacement

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Road Work Advisories
About Our Advisories
This page provides information on road work in the Eugene area.
For up-to-the-minute reports, visit Eugene Public Works on Twitter.
For regional traffic information, go to keepusmoving.info.

Current City of Eugene Roadwork Advisories

Updated August 22, 2014

  • 1st Avenue W. (Van Buren St. to Washington St.):  Grinding and paving on W. 1st Avenue will cause shifting traffic control.  Side streets will be closed to through traffic at W. 1st Avenue, except at Van Buren, Jefferson and Washington streets.  Ramp work and panel work starting on Monroe Street may cause one lane/one way traffic.  Watch for flaggers.
  • 13th Avenue W. (Garfield St. to Polk St.):  Work continues this week reconstructing the pavement on the south side of the street.  The contractor may begin reconstructing the north side of the street between Garfield and Chambers streets by the end of the week   Expect lane and parking closures around the work.   For more project information see the Project Information Sheet.
  • 30th Avenue E. (at University St.):  Contractor will continue work near 30th Avenue and University Street.  Expect periodic lane restrictions and sidewalk closures.  Watch for construction traffic.
  • 43rd Avenue E. (Dillard Rd. to N. Shasta Loop): Contractor will be constructing concrete road crossings.  Traffic will be controlled by flaggers during work hours.
  • 46th Avenue E. (Willamette St. to Donald St.):  Milling and final paving  is scheduled for week of August 25 and should take one to two days.  One lane will remain open for local access during the paving.  Traffic will be limited to traveling from Willamette Street toward Donald Street (one way, eastbound).
  • Amazon Channel (24th Ave. to Lane County Fairgrounds):  Repair and maintenance work in the Amazon Channel will continue.  Watch for construction traffic. 
  • Amazon Parkway (24th Ave. to 27th Ave.):  Contractor will continue work near 24th Place.  Expect periodic lane restrictions and watch for construction traffic.
  • Broadway E. (Pearl St. to Franklin Blvd.):  Paving has been delayed to late August or early September. 
  • Coburg Road (Ferry Street Bridge to railroad viaduct):  Expect one more night of lane closures to install permanent striping.
  • Dillard Road (E. Amazon Dr. to E. 43rd Ave.):  Contractor will be adjusting valves and manhole lids and doing other finish work.  Expect lane closures with equipment and workers in the street.
  • Donald Street (46th Ave. to Fox Hollow Rd.):  Concrete sidewalks and ramps are still under construction.  Some pavement repairs are being completed to fix failing sections of roadway.  Milling and final paving is still several weeks away.
  • Fern Ridge Multi-Use Path (Chambers St. to Hayes St.):  The portion of the path through Garfield Park is closed for an extended period of time to allow trucks and equipment to access the Amazon Creek Stabilization and Enhancement project.  Cyclists and pedestrians are detoured onto 15th Avenue between Chambers and Garfield streets.
  • Firland Boulevard (Spring Blvd. to North Shasta Loop):  Contractor will be adjusting valves and manhole lids and doing other finish work.  Expect lane closures with equipment and workers in the street.
  • Goodpasture Island Bridge (at Goodpasture Island Rd. and Delta Hwy.):  Work has started on the center bridge supports in the Delta Highway.  Travel lanes on the Delta Highway have been shifted to accommodate the work zone.  There is construction speed limit of 45 MPH on the Delta Highway through the construction zone.  Please slow down and use caution.  There are no other lane restrictions planned.  Foundation work continues on both sides of the bridge.  Miscellaneous work will continue in the shoulder areas and embankments.  Please watch out for equipment and trucks entering the roadway.  The Goodpasture Island Road overpass continues to be closed to pedestrians.  Bicyclists should merge into traffic if they feel comfortable doing so.  Please find alternate bicycle-pedestrian routes if possible. 
  • Green Acres Road (Applewood Ln. to Delta Oaks Dr.):  Contractor will begin electrical work at the new pedestrian island.  Watch for construction traffic.
  • Hatton Avenue (at Evergreen Dr.):  Contractor will be mobilizing equipment into the neighborhood in preparation for upcoming pipe work.  Watch for construction traffic.
  • Monroe Street (at W. 1st Avenue):  Ramp work and panel work may cause one lane/one way traffic.  Watch for flaggers.
  • Olive Street (11th Ave. to 13th Ave.):  Paving has been delayed due to the adjacent private development.  Paving is tentatively rescheduled to late August or early September.  Reader board signs will be placed five days in advance of the paving.
  • Olive Street (between 12th Avenue and 13th Avenue): Street and sidewalks are closed due to apartment building construction.  More information can be found at www.eugene-or.gov/CapstoneClosures
  • River Road (Maxwell Rd. to Rosetta Ave.):  Watch for construction traffic as work continues near Hatton Avenue.
  • Shasta Loop N. (E. 43rd Ave. to Firland Blvd.):  Contractor will be adjusting valves and manhole lids and doing other finish work.  Expect lane closures with equipment and workers in the street.
  • West Bank Path (at Copping Ave.): Contractor will continue excavation in the natural area west of the path between Maynard Avenue and Copping Avenue.  Watch for construction traffic.
  • City of Eugene Slurry Seal Project on various streets:   Rain this week has caused the contractor’s schedule to slip.  The slurry treatment that was originally scheduled to start August 21 is now scheduled for Monday, August 25. 
    Phase 1 Streets - August 25:
    - Broadview Street, between Sunrise and Hawkins streets
    - Chaucer Street, west end
    - Greiner Street, south of 2364
    - Josh Street, one section
    - Pam Street, west half
    - Shelton Avenue
    - Strathmore Place, east of Brittany St.
    Phase 2 Streets- August 26:
    - West 4th Avenue, west of Wallis St.
    - West 5th Avenue, west of Wallis St.
    - Breezewood  Avenue
    - Josh Street, one section
    - McKinley Avenue, south of 19th Ave.
    - Soloman Loop
    - Stansby Way
    - Todd Street, one section
    Phase 3 Streets – August 27:
    - W. 5th Street, east of Wallis St.
    - W. 14th Street, between Buck St. and Acorn Park
    - W. 19th Avenue, between 18th Ave. and Sunrise Blvd.
    - W. 20th Street, between McKinley St. and City View
    - Buck Street Cul de Sac
    - Chaucer Street, from Stansby Way to 3424
    - Josh Street, one section
    - Pam Street, east half
    - Strathmore Place, west of Brittany St.
    - Todd Street, one section

  • West Eugene EmX Project:  During daytime hours, travel on Charnelton Street between West 7th and 8th Avenues will be restricted to one southbound lane and on-street parking will be closed while crews relocate utilities.