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Eugene Police Department
300 Country Club Road
Eugene, OR 97401

Fax 541-682-6804

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About Police Operations
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Eugene police respond to calls to protect the lives, rights and property of Eugene’s citizens. Police Operations is split between East Operations (including Special Operations Section) and West Operations (including Investigations Section). Both East and West operations provide quality police services to the community through its primary responsibility as the first responders to calls for service and preventing crime through community partnerships and enforcement.

Police Operations is commanded by two police captains (East and West), with six police lieutenants, or watch commanders, who each oversee several police sergeants who supervise individual teams. In addition to officers who patrol in marked vehicles, on bicycles and on foot, the division also has a community policing support team, traffic enforcement unit, K-9 Unit, crime prevention unit and a cadet program. Of the Eugene Police Department’s 330 employees, about 189 are sworn personnel.