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Boards and Commissions
General Information
Members of boards and commissions provide an invaluable service to our city. They advise the City Council and City staff on a wide variety of subjects by making recommendations on important policy matters. Over the years, the services and programs provided by the City have expanded. Without the assistance of the various boards and commissions, the City Council could give many complex and significant matters only a limited review. The detailed studies and considered advice of boards and commissions are often catalysts for innovative programs and improved services. Serving on a board or commission can be a rewarding experience for community service-minded residents. It is an excellent way to participate in the functioning of local government and to make a personal contribution to the improvement of our community. Making local government effective and responsive is everybody’s responsibility.

Types of Committees
There are five distinct types of committees. These are standing committees to the City Council, ad hoc committees, intergovernmental committees, department advisory committees and committees created by the Eugene Charter. These committees originate from different sources: the city code, council action, state statute, intergovernmental agreements, and the Eugene

The City of Eugene Advisory Groups Member and Staff Manual details the selection and recruitment process and defines boards and commission members’ roles, relationships and responsibilities, including general information about meeting management, ethics and accountability, and communication. 

            Seeking Applications for Public Health Member 
                            on the MUPTE Review Panel

The City Manager is still accepting applications for the public health technical member on the review panel for the Multi-Unit Property Tax Exemption (MUPTE) program. This is a newly formed panel that will provide a third-party review of the MUPTE program for the City Manager. The Panel will meet as needed to:
• review new MUPTE applications;
• review previously approved projects’ compliance with approval resolutions;
• prepare annual reports on the progress of the approved projects, the program’s volume cap, and reporting documentation; and
• annually review overall program efficacy.

The panel will be comprised of neighborhood representatives (selected by neighborhood association boards and the neighborhood of the proposed MUPTE project) and six technical members. Technical member positions include:
• an architect/green building specialist,
• a building trades union,
• a developer,
• an environmental professional,
• a public health professional, and
• a human rights representative.1

Member terms will be for either three or four year periods, with opportunities for renewal. The deadline to apply for the committee for public health professionals is October 7, 2015. To apply please submit a letter of interest and provide evidence of technical expertise. Letters of interest or questions should be directed to Amanda Nobel Flannery at  <i class="alert">. For security reasons, you must enable JavaScript to view this E-mail address.</i> - or 99 West 10th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401. 

The MUPTE Review Panel was established by the City Council (Ordinance 20556, Section 2.945(13)). The MUPTE program was revised and reinstated by the City Council in July 2015. The MUPTE program is enabled by state legislation and designed to encourage higher density housing and redevelopment in the core of the city. The program provides a tax exemption for up to 10-years on qualified, new multi-unit housing investments that occur within a targeted area, meet program requirements, and are reviewed and approved by council.