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Multi-unit Property Tax Exemption
Program Suspension Notice: The Eugene City Council is currently reviewing and revising the MUPTE program. As this work continues, the program has been suspended until September 1, 2015. More information will be posted once it is available.

Multi-Unit Property Tax Exemption (MUPTE)

The Multi-Unit Property Tax Exemption program is enabled under state law for the purposes of stimulating the construction of multi-unit housing in the core area and to ensure use of the core area as a place where citizens have the opportunity to live as well as work. Projects eligible for the tax exemption include construction, addition or conversion of rental or ownership multi-unit housing within the MUPTE boundary (please see map below). Projects must include a minimum of five new housing units.

Tax Exemption
The MUPTE program offers a property tax exemption on the new structure or incremental change in the property value of the building that comprises the project for a maximum of 10 years. Projects are required to address specific quality standards established in the program. Tax exemption requests are reviewed and approved by the Eugene City Council.

In order to receive the exemption, the project owner/developer must submit an application to the City of Eugene no later than February 1, immediately preceding the first assessment year for which the exemption is requested.