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Crime Statistics
Eugene Police Department is using data, intervention and prevention to more effectively respond to crime. The more the public is informed about these trends and what kinds of preventive action to take, the more victimization is curtailed.

Eugene Police Calls for Service

Important Note: In November 2013, Eugene Police converted to a new format for categorizing and reporting crime that is expected to be mandated by the federal government in the near future. The switch was made from the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) format to Oregon National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS). The reporting systems use divergent rules that if compared might result in inaccurate conclusions about crime rate changes. Under UCR, the top most serious crime is the one the agency reports (with a couple exceptions), and with NIBRS, all of an incident’s crimes (up to a total of 22) are reported. Due to this, 2014, 2015, and 2016 will all be baseline years for EPD crime statistics, and EPD will not be able to provide comparisons with crime rates from previous years.

Current Crime Statistics versus Previous Year

  • 2012 Crime Statistics Reports now available 

Note: due to the complex and dynamic nature of crime reporting, the numbers will continue to change slightly for crimes that occurred in 2012 and have reports filed. Status on cases can change as they are investigated and classified or reclassified. These statistics were run in March 2013.

The Eugene Police Department receives about 97,000 calls for service, files about 21,000 case reports, writes about 16,000 traffic citations, and makes about 15,000 arrests each year. In the files below you will find a wide variety of statistical reports detailing the number and type of Eugene Police incidents and cases, along with additional statistical information.

In many of these reports, criminal offenses are grouped in one of two ways:
  • Part I and Part II crimes
  • Person, property, and behavioral crimes

Reported Crime Statistics

Annual Arrests
Neighborhood Reported Crime Statistics

Drug Arrest Statistics
Traffic Citation & Accident Statistics