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City of Eugene
Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement
99 West 10th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Michael Kinnison
Program Manager
Ph: 541-682-5009

Cindy Clarke
Program Coordinator
Ph: 541-682-5272

Rene Kane
Neighborhood Planner
Ph: 541-682-6243

Lorna Flormoe
Neighborhood Planner
Ph: 541-682-5670
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Benefits of A Neighborhood Association
Eugene has twenty-three (23) recognized neighborhood associations. Neighborhood involvement gives you an opportunity to have a voice in decisions that affect the livability of your neighborhood. Your neighborhood association is a great way to partner with other neighbors, the City and other organizations to develop solutions to shared problems. Being part of a neighborhood association connects you to people who share your vision of a healthy, vibrant and safe community.

Get Involved
Neighborhood associations are volunteer organizations that thrive and grow when everyone is involved. The following is a small sampling of the things that you can do to involve yourself in your neighborhood:

Campus Area Neighborhoods:
Maintaining safe and livable neighborhoods for all is a shared responsibility.   Here are a number of valuable resources that promote livability in our neighborhoods:

My Ward and My Association